Rowland S Howard: Freddie White; Barry Moroe

by elmergantry

Just to get away from Dylan/Phil Ochs/Paul Clayton  related matters , here is a few clips of some of my favourite songs at the moment.


Let’s start with the late great Rowland S. Howard’s fine song ‘Autoluminiscent’ – for my money, Howard was a far better songwriter and a much more interesting character than the enormously over-rated Nick Cave:


We will follow it up with Freddie’s White ‘s great version of ‘The Parting Glass’ (please forgive the Irish Tourist board video)- for comparison’s sake, will also add the Liam Clancy version:

Just to round this up with Barry Moore’s (now, of course, Luka Bloom) superb version of the Bob Coltman song ‘Lonesome Robin’:


Should add that Bob Coltman actually wrote a biography of Paul Clayton, so we haven;t completely escaped the Greenwich Village net.