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Month: December, 2012

The Late Great Bert Jansch

A couple of tracks from the great Bert Jansch, who died in October last year.

First up us his extraordinary version of ‘Reynardine’. The arrangement here, I think. is among is very best:

For comparison purposes here is the Matin Carthy & Dave Swarbrick version:

And here is my favourite Bert Jansch performance (along with “Needle of Death’) – his great version of ‘She moved through the Fair’;

Had the privilege of seeing Bert play in concert several times – a very modest man and a great great guitarist…

Paul Clayton – Who is that Man?

In relation to Paul Clayton there is a glaring (and rather ridiculous) error about him in David Dalton’s new book about Bob, Who is that Man?

In it, Dalton claims that Clayton stretched the idea of the folk ‘concept’ album to such lengths that he actually recorded an album about ‘Hunt The Cutty Awk: Awk Hunting in the Inner Hebrides’…

Of course, there is no such album and the title was one of Dave Van Ronk’s typical jokes in his brilliant memoir, put together by Elijah Wald after DVR’s death…

The fact that a simple Google search or a check on the excellent discography of Clayton’s work at http://www.wirz.de/music/claytfrm.htm would have shown that there is no such album makes me wary about the rest of Dalton’s ‘research’…