George Jones

by elmergantry

A belated tribute to the late great George Jones, who was the greatest singer that country music has produced…

He was also among the greatest singers of the century in any art form.

Will start with a few acknowledged classics & then list a few of my personal favouriters.

Here is George singing ‘She thinks I still care’:

In any other hands, ‘He stopped Loving Her Today’ might have appeared maudlin – George sang it straight and gave it enormous emotional power. this is singing of the very highest order:

With ‘The Window Up Above’ George proved that simplicity and emotional profundity can go hand in hand. Even Hank rarely wrote a song as perfect as this:

A few personal favourites – ‘Choices’ was, I think, a very brave song for George to record and he did so at a very difficult time in his life:

Again, with ‘Don’t Touch Me’ George proved that a direct simple statement can carry a huge emotional weight: -[Sample}.

For some reason, this is my favourite George Jones song – don’t ask me why: