Eric Andersen’s Thirsty Boots

by elmergantry

Have been listening quite a lot recently to Bob Dylan’s fine version of this song, which can be heard in full here:

Would add here, however, that my favourite version of the song remains that by Eric Andersen himself included on the complilation cd ‘So Much on My Mind’ :

A sample of that version can be heard here:,,3892761-10239658,00.html

Would also add that I am am a big fan of Andersen’s later work (from about the time of ‘Ghosts on the Road’ onwards). His voice especially has taken on an added grit with age which gives a new edge to his work.

To my mind at least, his last two live albums (‘Blue rain’ & ‘The Cologne Concert’) are among the best work he has ever done – and both feature musicians whose alertness and responsiveness put Bob’s current band to shame…

Striking really as ‘Blue Rain’ features a virtually unknown young Norwegian Blues band.

Here is their superb version of ‘Runaway’ where Andersen does a great Lou Reed impression:

One of the great enjoyments of listening to Blue Rain is hearing how Andersen feeds off the freshness and effervescence of the band. For them, it must have been like a Grimsby player getting a game with United..

By the same token, one of the reasons why the ‘Cologne Concert’ is such a fine record is because it sounds so little like ‘Blue Rain.’ Here is a taster:

Will finish up with Rick Danko’s great version of what is probably Andersen’s best song, ‘Blue River’ (the original features a great background vocal by Joni Mitchell):