Paul Clayton, Murder Ballads & the ‘Old Weird America’

by elmergantry

One of the frustrations of being an admirer of Paul Clayton’s music is the fact that a number of his Riverside albums are not available on CD.

I find it particularly irritating that his album Bloody Ballads: Classic British and American Murder Ballads, which includes an important early version of ‘Tom Dula’  or Tom Dooley has not been re-released and given the kind of scholarly treatment it deserves.

So, if anyone out there has an MP3 version of the album, I would be very interested in getting a copy.

The same goes for his first two exceedingly rare albums – Whaling Songs and Ballads (1954) – not to be confused with his later classic album of sea shanties, Whaling and Sailing Songs from the days of Moby Dick – Waters of Tyne (1956) and Timber-r-r: Lumberjack Folk Songs & Ballads  (1958).

The usual reservations apply, of course, – they would be intended purely for personal use and scholarly purposes etc. etc.