Lou Reed

by elmergantry

A small tribute to the late great Lou Reed who, in my opinion was a towering figure in rock music – indeed, perhaps only Dylan surpassed him as a lyricist…

When my father died, I listened a great deal to Reed’s great album ‘Magic and Loss’ and plan to have this song played at my own funeral”

Also proposed to my wife with this one:

Lou wrote so many great songs (from the days on ‘Heroin’ and ‘Waiting for the Man’ onwards right up to tracks like the title track ‘Set the Twilight Reeling’ on what was probably his last consistently good album. However, these are probably my personal favourites (both, funnily enough, show Reed’s brilliance as a writer of love songs)

The Velvet Underground, ‘Pale Blue Eyes’:

Lou Reed & John Cale:

Lou was unashamed in writing music designed for grown-ups and which dealt with themes which had never previously been discussed in rock music.