Pete Seeger – tributes

A few good tributes to Pete Seeger here – one recent one written by Tom Paxton:–tom-paxton-remembers-pete-seeger/2014/01/28/047355ca-8869-11e3-916e-e01534b1e132_story.html

And the other an old piece by Dave Van Ronk, which, given that it was written before Seeger’s death, is, perhaps, even more telling:

It is also worth checking out the liner notes to The Essential Pete Seeger by Eric Andersen – which shows something of the respect which the Greenwich Village songwriters of the early 1960s had for Pete Seeger.

Seeger was very important to me personally as my interest in folk music really stems from a documentary that I saw about him as a young boy of about eleven.

He sang ‘Where have all the Flowers Gone’ on it and it was a revelatory moment for me. I was also impressed by what the programme showed about Seeger’s environmental work, at a time when such concerns did not receive anything like the same publicity that they do today…

Soon afterwards, I pestered my father to get me the album, The Best of Pete Seeger, which I proceeded to play to death for a number of years. Indeed, unlike most people of my generation (those born in the early 1960s) I first discovered Dylan through my interest in Pere Seeger and not vice versa…