' I've lost the power I had to distinguish between what to ignite and what to extinguish' – Rowland S. Howard

Month: May, 2014

Dim Lights, Thick Smoke and Loud, Loud Music

While we are at it, lets have all three of the above:

For some reason, this song seems to go well with it:

Dylan Sings while Rachaninov Swings

Further to my recent post, it seems that the Sinatra song, Full Moon and Empty Arms’, is based on a theme from the third movement of Rachmaninov’s Second Piano Concerto.

It can be heard here from about 2.14 onwards:

A theme from its second movement also formed the basis for Eric Carmen’s dreadful ‘All By Myself’, but we won’t hold Sergei responsible for that.

Bob’s fine and quietly dignified version of ‘Restless Farwell’ at Sinatra’s eightieth birthday ‘do’ can be seen here:


Full Moon and Empty Arms

Just listened to Dylan’s cover of Sinatra’s ‘Full Moon and Empty Arms’ here:


It is a superb cover and is one of his best vocal performances in a long long time.

For comparison’s sake, here is the Sinatra version (an excellent one, of course):

And another version by the great Erroll Garner:






A few tracks from some albums I bought recently. These are all excellent, but the best of them is, I think, Jason Isbell’s Southeastern.

This is one of the many outstanding tracks on that album:

Next up is Rodney Crowell’s fine song ‘God I’m Missing You’ from his fine new album, Tarpaper Sky – one of those albums where a superb artist is not really breaking much new ground, but is such a master of his craft that it is a highly satisfying one, nonetheless:

And now, as the showbands used to say in Ireland, for a complete change of style and tempo. – this is from one of the rising stars of British classical music, the superb countertenor, Iestyn Davies and his excellent rendition of the classic John Dowland song , ‘In Darkness Let Me Dwell’: