Who gwine to bring you chickens, honey,?

Returning to this song, it seems clear that it is derived (or is, perhaps, a parody) of a long line of songs in this vein which goes back far into the past. An example would be songs such as ‘Who’s gonna shoe your pretty little feet’ which was recorded by Woody Guthrie among others. His version is below:



Here is the Everly’s Brothers version (as a belated tribute to the late great Don Everly who died in January):



Clayton himself (who incidentally would have been 83 on Monday) had also recorded a number of songs in this vein. Perhaps the best of them is his classic version of the Child ballad, ‘Lass of Roch Royal” from his album, ‘Folk Ballads of the English Speaking World’, with its lines:


“Oh who will lace my shoes so small?

And who will glove my hand

And who will lace my middle so jimp [slender]

With my new-made linen band?


“Who will comb my yellow hair?

With my new silver comb

And who will father my young son

Till Lord Gregory comes home?