Albums Old, Borrowed and Blue

In this post, would like draw attention to three albums I have been listening to a good deal recently.
The first is Adrian Borland’s great album, Last Days of The Rain Machine. This album is a collection of acoustic demo recordings that he made between 1994 and 1998. He is best known, perhaps, as the lead singer in the excellent post-punk band, The Sound (more about them in a later post), but this album is markedly different from his earlier work. It has a stark beauty about it which for me, at least, is reminiscent of Nick Drake’s ‘Pink Moon.’ There is also a sense of bleakness about the cd, but this is relieved by the beauty and the poetic quality of many of the songs on it.
A few highlights:

1. ‘Walking in the Opposite Direction”;

2. Inbetween Dreams

3. Running Very Low on Highs

The second cd is Ali Farka Toure/Toumani Diabete’s beautifully mellow album, ‘Ali and Toumani’. Went to see Toumani in concert recently and bought this cd there. Great to hear two master craftsmen like these playing together so beautifully. Some of the best work that these two superb musicians have done.

A few outstanding tracks:

1. Sabu Yerkoy

2. Sina Mory

The final album for today is Bonnie Prince Billy’s excellent ‘Master and Everyone’ cd. Again, a rather low key and muted collection of songs, but these are so layered that their real excellence only becomes apparent after repeated listening. Here is the title track: