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Surnames and Placenames: More Songs about Cities, Towns & People – 3

1. Velvet Underground, ‘Sweet Jane”;

2. Jimmie Rogers, ‘California Blues”;

3. Norma Waterson, ‘Song for Thirza”:
Sample here – http://www.last.fm/music/Norma+Waterson/_/Song+for+Thirza

4. Joni Mitchell, ‘Amelia’:

5. Elliott Smith, ‘Amity”:

6. Mark Lanegan, ‘Hit the City”:

7. Tim Hardin, ‘Shiloh Town”;

8. Gordon Lightfoot, ‘Alberta Bound”:

9. Stan Rogers, ‘Northwest passage’:

10. Howlin’ Wolf, ‘Louise”:

11. John Lee Hooker, ‘Maudie’:

12. Blossom Dearie, ‘I’ll take Manhattan’ (one of the great Lorenz Hart’s finest lyrics):

13. Will cheat here with two fine versions of the same song:
Leo Kottke, ‘Sonora Death Row”:

Robert Earl Keen, “Sonora Death Row’:

14. Paul Robeson, “Shenandoah”:

‘Time’s Revenges and Revenge’s Time’: A Theme Time 45 Minutes (or thereabouts) – Part 1

This is the fourth ‘theme time’ instalment. In it, I have included those songs with a substantial historical element under the ‘time’ label. Unlike in earlier instalments, I have also included two songs from those artists who, in my opinion, have handled such themes particularly effectively

So, here goes

1. Phil Ochs, ‘Changes”:

——-, ‘Links on the Chain”:

Apparently ‘Changes’ was one of Drake’s favourite sings

2. Nick Drake, “Time has told me’

—–, ‘Time of no reply’:

3. Bob Dylan, ‘Blind Willie McTell’:

—–, ‘Girl from the Red River Shore’:

http://www.pandora.com/bob-dylan/tell-tale-signs-bootleg-series-vol-8/red-river-shore-736-unreleased-time-out-of-mind (sample only)

4. The Kinks, ‘Victoria’:


5. Howlin Wolf, ‘The Natchez Burning”;

6. John Lee Hooker, ‘Tupelo’:

7. Bert Jansch, ‘There comes a time”

——, ‘The Ornament Tree’:

8. Merle Haggard. ‘When times were good’:

8. Dick Gaughan, ‘The World Turned Upside Down’:

9. Pete Seeger, ‘Turn, Turn, Turn”:

——, ‘Guantanamera’:

10. Woody Guthrie, ’1913 Massacre”;

11. The Clash, “Spanish Bombs”:

12. Edwyn Collins and Frank Roussel, ‘Time”: