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Trucking, driving, Rambling and Rollin’ Songs – Part 2

Another ten songs on this theme. Realised the previous one had not included any Chuck Berry, so will start with:
!. Chuck Berry, ‘Maybelline’:

2. Dave and Phil Alvin, ‘Trucking Little Woman'”

3. J.P. Harris and the Tough Choices, ‘Truckstop Amphetamines (thanks to Paul Kerr of Blabber ‘n’ Smoke for putting me on to this fine artist]’:

4. Rory Gallagher, ‘Livin’ Like a Trucker”;

5. Jimmy Witherspoon, ‘No Rollin’ Blues”:

6. Rodney Crowell, ‘Many a Long and Lonesome Highway”;

7. Gordon Lightfoot, ‘Restless’:

8. Merle Haggard, ‘Ramblin Fever’:

9. Jimmie Rogers ‘Somewhere Down Below the Dixon Line’:

10. Woody Guthrie, ‘Ramblin’ Blues’;


Shadows & Light – A Theme Time 45 Minutes or thereabouts

Have decided to include colours in the definition of ’light’, so here goes…

Will start with Bob Dylan’s favourite Lightfoot song…

1. Gordon Lightfoot ‘Shadows’:

Will follow it with another ‘Canadien Errant’:

2. Joni Mitchell, ‘Shadows and Light”:

3. Rory Gallagher, ‘Shadowplay’:

4. Joy Division, ‘Shadowplay”:

5. Rowland S. Howard, ‘Autoluminescent’:

6. REM, ‘Green grow the Rushes O”

7. Orange Juice, ‘Blue boy’:

8. Bob Dylan, ‘Its all over now, Baby Blue”:

9. Roy Orbison, ‘Blue Bayou”:

10. Eric Andersen, ‘Blue River”:

11. Michael Martin Murphey, ‘Red River Valley”:

12. Joe Heaney, ‘Roisin Dubh’:

133. Christy Moore, ‘Black is the Colour”:

14. The Pogues, ‘A Pair of Brown Eyes’:

15. Lal Waterson, ‘Red Wine Promises”:

16. Jimi Hendrix, “Purple Haze”:

‘Home Before Dark’: A Theme Time 15 Minutes – Part Two

Should add that I named the original post after one of my favourite books of all time, Susan Cheever’s great memoir about her father, John Cheever. In my opinion, Cheever is, perhaps – along with Raymond Carver and Richard Ford – the best American short story writer.

Have been thinking about songs with ‘Home’ in the title or as a theme and have come up with these additions to the list:

1. Rory Gallagher ‘Philby’ – Rory’s great song about not having a home:

2. Robert Johnson, ‘Sweet Home Chicago’:

3. These are, I think, alternative versions of the same original song (the ‘folk process’, as it were), but they show clearly the differences between these two fine artists:
Paul Clayton, ‘Home, Dearie, Home’:

There is a sample of this song here:

Luke Kelly, ‘Home, Boys, Home’:

4. John Martyn, ‘Baby Please Come Home; – from his greatest album…

5. Mary Gauthier, ‘Can’t Find the Way’ – a great, great song about homelessness:

6. Eric Andersen, ‘Feel like Coming Home”
There is a sample of this song here (it is track 12):

7. Bert Jansch, Running from Home’:

8. Bob Dylan.’I was young when I left Home’: Dylan’s great re-working of ’99 Miles”

9. Eric Bibb, ‘New Home’:

Ten classic Irish tracks

Have been thinking for a while of posting ten classic ‘Irish’ tracks here. These are not necessarily my favourite ‘ten’ Irish tracks of all time or anything as ridiculous as that – but the first ten that came to mind and which, hopefully, includes some relatively obscure tracks which will encourage others to check out other tracks from these fine artists.

1. Will start with Sony Condell’s song, ‘Down in the City’ – first appeared on his album, ‘Camouflage’ – which was, incidentally, one of the first albums I ever bought:


2. The Blades ‘Animation’ – the Blades were the Irish band which should have made it big in the 1980s – instead we got the empty posturing and preening of Bono & U2:

3. Rory Gallagher ‘Pistol Slapper Blues’: Rory’s great version of the Blind Boy Fuller song:

4. Have cheated by including two versions of ‘Raglan Road’ here – they are both classics. The first is by Luke Kelly:

The second is by Van Morrison:

5. Joe Heaney, ‘Una Bhan’: Perhaps the greatest Irish singer of them all:


6. Sean Keane ‘Bundlin” – as an Irish person living in Australia, couldn’t resist this one:

7. Freddie White, ‘the Parting Glass; – a great Irish singer makes this song his own:

8. Mary Black, ‘Annachie Gordon’ – before she ventured off into MOR territory, Mary Black was a fine folksinger:

9. Altan ‘Donal agus Morag’ – for some reason, this is my favourite Altan song:

10. Van Morrison, ‘Madam George’ – as good it gets, from one of the greatest albums ever made: